Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is My Shoe Shoppe the same company as 4 The Love of Shoes?
A: Yes and No. In April 2009 the two companies merged and all business is now conducted through My Shoe Shoppe. Same
ownership, same shoes, same prices, same hostess benefits even. But, the parties are a little bit different and watch out,
because My Shoe Shoppe is growing. Fast.

Q: How do shoe parties work and where can I have one?
A:We host parties in homes, backyards, club houses, offices... they all make for great party locations. To learn more about
the format click here. If you'd like to book a party, contact us or visit our calendar to find an open date.

Q: A woman is entitled to change her mind every now and then. Do you have an exchange policy?
A: Yes and yes. Click here to read our exchange policies.

Q: Shoe parties sound like a lot of fun, but you're not in my area. Are you expanding?
A: Glad you asked. We are indeed expanding, adding more representatives to our team. To learn more about this opportunity
contact us or send an email to

Q: If you run out of my size can I order the shoe from you?
A: It depends. We have a nasty habit of selecting really great shoes that sell out even with our manufacturers. We do our
best to reorder shoes, but many times it's out of our control. But- it never hurts to ask at

Q: I am hesitant to order online. Is my information safe?
A: Yes. At My Shoe Shoppe we respect your personal information and will never sell your email address, phone number,
address, name or any other information to anyone for any reason. We also offer secure checkout so your credit card
information is never compromised. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Q: How often do you get new shoes?
A: We get new styles all the time. You should see something new each month. We have a large inventory and we do have
some favorites that we always try to keep in stock, but it seems nothing stays for too long. Check back often to see new

Q: The shoes at your parties are the same brands I see at department stores, but your prices are a LOT
lower. How are you able to do that? Are they returned items?
A: In a word - overhead. Like department stores, we offer new, quality shoes, but unlike department stores, we don't have to
recover the same costs and we put the savings back in your pocket.

Q: I love the shoe on your homepage, but I didn't see it in your gallery. Do you sell that shoe?
A: Sadly, that shoe is no longer in production. There are still a few of them floating around on the net -- try Google-ing "Sugar
Shoes Nobo". The Nobo style comes in green and brown.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also have an express Paypal checkout online.